Thursday, December 30, 2010

"2010 In Review"

So 2010 came and went and as you can tell, we have failed to frequently update you on what has been going on. We are getting back on track for the 2011 year, but for now, here's the condensed version for the 2010 year..


Well we rang in the new year like everyone else, and Sarah and I celebrated our 34th Birthdays. Laurissa turned "12" (OMG!) and is just the sweetest daughter a parent can ask for. Sarah completed Cosmetology school and graduated at the end of March (Yeah we celebrated with a trip to Las Vegas). In April we had a blast hunting for Easter eggs in the SNOW! (burrrrrrr). In May we participated in organization of the first annual Williams Syndrome Walk. It was very successful and a joy to participate in. In June we celebrated 2 Birthdays, Kason turned "3" (YES 3!!!) and loves to dance and ride his bike. Alison turned "9" (WHAT!) and is full of energy and loves to be in the sunshine. We spent allot of time at Lagoon amusement park and took advantage of the season passes, enjoying rides, food, and the water park. in August we spent a long weekend at Yuba Lake, even though it was a very windy weekend, we had a blast. Yes like every year we went all out with Halloween and also had a Halloween Party, may need to pick just one next year. You can also see the spook alley on You Tube do a search for "Jon's Haunted House Spooking For Food" it is posted by redcarpetbarn11 that is Sarah's sister. Thanksgiving was fun and we got to do it twice this year, we brought all the pies (YUMMY!). Then Christmas arrived and what fun we had, The opportunity to celebrate the birth of our savior. Hope yours was bright...

Well that is it in a nutshell... Stay tuned, 2011 will be updated shortly..