Monday, August 29, 2011

Family Night in the Mountains...

Just another family night... OK maybe not just another one. We ventured up into the mountains to celebrate the birthdays in the month of August. Some subs, cake, Frisbees, and hikes. a short but fun adventure, not to mention the weather was awesome...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back to School!!!

Well the girls started school this week and are setting back into the swing of thing as are mom and dad. Laurissa began middle school this year and is adapting well to middle school life and scheduling. Alison is excited to be a 5th grader and so far is enjoying her new teacher and really love being in the same class as her best friend Ashley. Kason will be starting in the beginning of September and I'm certain you'll be hearing about that...

Sunday, August 21, 2011

With the girls back to school tomorrow they were itching for a professional manicure so they could look their best for their first day of school. Could you think of a better time to pamper the ones you love? Sarah picked today, a beautiful Sunday evening, perfect time to bond, and their nails look "Fabulous!!!" Dad is just thankful that Kason didn't bond with mom tonight..

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Father and Son Campout!!!

The best thing about living in Utah is you can hop in your car, drive 30min and end up at an awsome camping spot...

Yesterday Kason and I departed on a Father and Son camp outing at Jordan Pines, (a church activity). We arrived got our tent set up and had a church supplied dinner, hamburgers, hot dogs, vegetables, chips, you get the idea (yumm-o). The Kason explored the woods and made new friends. After the sun went down, the kids had their fair share of "Sm ore's" and then took to the woods in the dark equipped with flashlights and glow rings, (I felt sorry for any other campers within 500yards). The kids ran until they were pooped, then it was off to bed with weather conditions clear and around 45degrees overnight. Waking up to a beautiful morning and another church supplied breakfast, pancakes, potatoes, sausage, bacon, eggs, juice, chocolate milk, hot cocoa, you get the point... Then time to pack up camp and prepare for our hike to Donut Falls. The hike was enjoyable and Kason barely made it but he enjoyed the rock climbing.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Just Splashing Around...

And now time to play a game.... How about "Where's Kason"

Went to the pool yesterday and enjoyed hours of watery goodness... We enjoyed a day at the pool in Kerns, they were hosting their "Water and Ice" event where they open up both the entire recreation center and the Utah Olympic Oval for patrons to explore and enjoy all they have to offer. They even hosted a car show and motor cross. We looked around and checked all the booths and entertainment but decided to hang at the pool. (Big Surprise)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Girls Camp Rocks!!!

So Laurissa spent the last week at girls camp in Heber Valley with the young women in our stake and from what we can gather, she had a blast. She spent time with friends and took the opportunity to make new friends. With such activities like the Legacy lake hike, nature hikes, crafts, skits, movie night, service projects, and of course the food. Oh yeah we love a well cooked meal and they were fed well, they even had to cook their meals. Laurissa loved this experience and had allot of fun. Dad was pretty impressed with the rope course and zip line she got to do (Lucky)...Here are some of the pictures she wishes to share with us.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Super Hero Cousins!!!

Had the cousins visiting Utah for a couple of days and enjoyed time with them, playing video games, eating chili dogs, watching movies in the front yard, etc. But Kasons highlight during their visit was playing "Super Hero's" So look out you daftly villains, "Captain America" is on the prowl with his trusty sidekick "SpiderThor", to the rescue!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Harvest Days Summer BBQ!!!

Well we had our big summer BBQ on Saturday and cooked up Jon's slow cooked pork whiskey ribs and smoked a 12lb Tri Tip Roast in the smoker for 8hrs. We also had some rotisserie chickens and fresh fried catfish, you add all the side dishes that everyone brought and we had a feast fit for a King. We realized later in the evening, that we failed to take any pictures of the BBQ. I guess with all the cooking, food, water fun, bouncer, Wii games, marshmallows roasting over the fire pit, fireworks, and just being with good friends and family we just were having too much fun. Wish everyone could have come, maybe next year huh? Here are some pictures from the block party that took place on our front lawn 4 days before our BBQ, but the ribs at the top, those are Jonny's babies from Saturday. Yumm-o!!