Sunday, June 17, 2012

Birthdays At The Drive Inn…

So Alison turns 11yrs today, yep fathers day. Which we think it is pretty cool because on the year she was born, it fell on fathers’ day too.
Alison decided to go with the Drive Inn movie night and slumber party this year. We started off on Friday evening with a pizza dinner, then cake, then off to the Drive Inn. She opted to indulge in another viewing of The Avengers (of course, she’s cool like that!) accompanied by all the junk food and soda they could ask for. Of course the movie she wanted to see happened to be the second show of the evening, just our luck. So we watched MIB-3 and then the Avengers which started at 11:20pm. Surprisingly enough Kason was the only one who didn't make it though the movie. Got the kids home and in bed around 2:30am after the movie.
 Waking up bright eyed and bushy tailed (not) the next morning for a pancake breakfast. We kicked the kids out and were off to another birthday party by 10:30am.

Sunday Alison wanted Eggs Benedict so mom and dad tag teamed the breakfast and are now planning a relaxing Sunday for Fathers Day,

Well at least dad is...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hello Summer!!!

Well now that the kids are out of school, dad has never been happier to have a job during the day so he doesn’t have to find crap for the kids to do for the next 2.5 months. Well Sarah has also been called, Super Mom by Jon but that is for personal reasons. But seriously, she has already been planning fun days to get out to the water parks, fun attractions, and good old house cleaning. Jon finally has the majority of his garden in the ground and is beating the neighbor kids with a stick whenever they try to pick at or walk through his garden. (Correction: uglier stick). We are hopeful the garden will survive, or we will simply have to move. (Jon needs his garden). A lot is going on right now and we will defiantly be keeping you up to date throughout our summer.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Avengers Assemble!!!

So Kason turned 5 this weekend and first of all, he’s a boy, second, the Avengers Rule! So why not have an Avengers birthday party that would be so cool right? Since he saw the actual movie, he talked about nothing else except being the HULK for his party. Mom and Dad were ready to fulfill his needs to become the HULK for his party when 2 days before he decided he wanted to be Hawkeye. Curse you simple minded children!!! Dad scrambled to make him a Hawkeye costume out of duct tape (hey it fixes everything), and mom took her craftiness to an all new level making a piñata on her own.
We dressed it up and painted it like a meteorite for our Avenger heroes to smash with their bare hands as it traveled down a zip line that dad engineered.

We had games like the Thor Jousting competition, the Hulk Smash balloon pop, killing the party villain monster, and pin the shield on Captain America. Don’t forget the highlight of the party, no not the cake, the ice cream, the piñata or the presents. The “GAMA DOGS”, that’s right, the hulk creating Gama radiation leaked into our kitchen and turned our hotdogs into “Gama Dogs”, a green cru station of hotdog goodness with a chard outer layer, (although if you could get past the look, they were pretty good). And what party wouldn’t be a party if the birthday boy didn’t cry because he failed to get all the candy he wanted from the piñata. Too bad, so sad… Happy birthday Kason!!!