Sunday, November 11, 2012

Winter is Here!!!


Yep, our first good snow storm. The kids had thier cousins spending the night and needless to say they had a day filled with snowball fights and hot coca. Dad on the other hand had a day of shoveling. Oh well it was a storm that was much needed.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happy Halloween!!!

Yes Halloween… Jon contemplated whether or not he was going to do a spook alley this year, but after family friends and neighbors encouraged him to not end the tradition, he gave in. So by October 1st, the yard began popping up with items like Fencing, Tombstones and coffins. A few days later, Grim Reapers, Skeletons, and Freaks. Then the caged Werewolf and Freddy Kruger, and as the month went on, the carport, the fencing and the back yard. Yes even with Jon’s procedure that was scheduled so conveniently by his wife in the middle of October (how rude.), he managed to get everything in place and working for Halloween night. This being Laurissa’s first year not “trick or treating” she was eager to help with the haunting. And with the help of Sarah’s brother David, Laurissa’s friends Faith and Cindy Parry a neighbors and local church members, we successfully scared a lot of kids and adults. Even Alison and Kason joined in the fun. We had over 140 kids alone not including parents, aunts or uncles. We were able to collect a good amount of food for the Utah Food Bank as well. Thanks to all those who helped us out this year, supporting, helping, and donating. It makes it worth it and always make for a fun memories.

Now time to clean it all up…