Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!!

Yep, the kids woke up this morning eager to see if the Easter Bunny paid us a visit. Fortunately for them, He Did! The kids had the opportunity to wake up, open baskets, hunt for Easter eggs, get all hopped up on candy by 8:00am and then go to Church at 9:00am. We had Jon's family over for dinner and with a little teamwork a wonderful dinner with all the trimming was prepared and were able to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ with the ones we love.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sarah Goes To New York...

So Sarah left her family to visit her great friend Jan Yost West in New York to assist her after her delivery of her baby. Sarah had a great time, she was able to visit and catch up with her buddy. She was also able to take a break away from her children so she could care for Jan's kids.

During her trip Sarah was able to visit the Palmyra Temple.

Walk around in the Sacred Grove.

Visit the house of Joseph Smith as well as tour the inside.

Sarah was also able to see the printing press where the Book Of Mormon was first published.

And finally she was able to see Niagara Falls, although she spent the majority of her time in New York doing mommy duties and doing all she could for Jan and Jon West, it was a blessing that she was able to visit these land marks and learn about the history of them.

Sarah had a great time and was blessed to visit both great friend and inspiring places and we agree she needed a much deserved break from us, but boy was she missed...