Sunday, November 27, 2011

Good Luck Tom!!!

Well what better way to celebrate your last day in America than with your family. Sarah's brother Tommy headed off to the U.K. to star his new job. We were fortunate enough to spend a small thanksgiving at mom's where all the siblings were able to be together before he left for who knows how long (Sarah seems to think FOREVER). We had a nice night out on Friday the day before he left so we could sit around and tell stories and share our favorite memories together. I must say it was a very memorable night. Good luck Tommy, we miss you already keep in touch...

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy November...

Well with Thanksgiving upon us we look back at the things that we are thankful for. We have been very blessed this past year and have had the joy of making memories that will last for a lifetime. Jon is so thankful that we have acquire a garage in our last move so he has a place to put all his Halloween stuff that he has failed to get put away yet, well at least the neighbors don't have to look at it all. Kason had the honor of dressing up as a pig although dad thought he was just an Indian... You decide...

Saturday, November 5, 2011

"Hello Snow!!!"

So here it is the first week of November and we finally had our first good Snow storm. Dad was still taking down the halloween stuff this weekend while the kids played in the snow. Kason and Alison built a snowman outside Laurissa's window for her because she was feeling under the weather. Then they proceeded to build a snow fort but stopped short to take a little sun tanning break...

Soak it up Kiddos!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

Yes, Yes, Yes, HAPPY HALLOWEEN KIDDIES! We had a great Halloween the kids got WAY too much candy, with Laurissa as a Fairy, Alison as a Witch Doll, and Kason as a Blue Power Ranger, they made out like bandits. Dad (The Joker) went crazy like he does every year with the decorations, spook alley, and scaring kiddies. Then there is poor mom, aka "the Ghostly Woman" who has been a single mother for the last 2 weeks. She is such a trooper and looks forward to dad putting in just as much effort into Christmas Lights.

So here's the video that shows the front yard the day after halloween. Sorry there was no video of Halloween night but I was pretty busy with all the guests I had that night and I totally spaced it. Maybe next year.

And then the picture of the house sorry for not having any at night as you can tell by the previous post it looks sooooo much better at night, but due to the storm that moved in late on halloween night I needed to break down all the lighting and fog machines that night. Bummer I know, but we had a fun night and I raised 60lbs of food for the "Utah Food Bank".

So as you can tell you start in the front yard and enter at the front porch. Then you go through a gallery and on to the back yard (keep in mind there are alot of props that work off of motion sensors and air pressure, scares the crap out of everyone who walk around). The last part is the maze in the garage, some say it was the hit. It featured walls that changed so you had a hard time getting out.