Sunday, November 30, 2008


Well we hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day..

This year we spent the holiday here in town, having dinner at Sarahs Aunts house. Usually every year Jon likes to attempt an experimental dish for thanks giving dinner, it started out with the occasional casserole then it went to Ham two years running, Rotisserie duck was last years project. But this year since Jon just built this new smoker of his, he just had to attempt a "Smoked Turkey". So after a lot of worrying and research he committed to it. This hobby of his is almost an obsession, Making him to stay up until 1am to have everything prepared only to wake up at 3am to stoke up the smoker. The Turkey was on the grill by 3:30am and was done by 10:00am in plenty of time to get the gravy made and get cleaned up and travel to our destination for a 12:00pm dinner (or lunch). It was an amazing Turkey and everyone said it was the best they ever tasted Whiskey Smoked Turkey with Smoked Gravy (yummy, yummy,yum). Although it is sad to say that Jon will no longer be doing his traditional Thanksgiving experiments, he will now be doing his "Traditional Smoked Turkey". We are thankful for our family for those close to us right here in beautiful Salt Lake City Utah, and those of you who are not so close. We love you all and wish you a happy holiday season. As we look back on our Thanksgiving holiday and count those many blessings we are thankful for, and as we look forward to the upcoming Christmas holiday and celebrate the birth of our savior Jesus Christ. May God bless you all and we hope you have a safe and inspirational holiday season.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Well it looks like mom and dad are in trouble. The kids got to sit on our neighbors 2008'Road King last week and thought it was the coolest thing. Especially Kason every time he hears our neighbor Jack leave his house or come home, Kason runs to the front window saying "Jack" over and over it is pretty cute to see. Our neighbor Jack said it looks like we'll have one child in Collage, one driving a Harley and, the other on the back of one.

Monday, November 10, 2008

"Winter is here"

Well winter has arrived, on November 5th Jon had to work at Snowbird on a service call and this is the view from the customers driveway. If you think that's impressive you should see the view from the living room. Anyway we had a pretty good storm and Jon and the girls made their first Snowman of the year. We are looking forward to a white Christmas, (only 6 weeks left), hope your ready...

Monday, November 3, 2008

"Happy Halloween"

Wish you all could have been with us this Halloween, we had too much fun. The house was turned into a haunted driveway that people could walk through and get scared. We had last years Dracula's Coffin that opens and closes, and the jumping skeleton that scares everyone, but then Jon decided to go further,(a little too far). We were equip with an electric chair that we made look life like with working dummy that thrashes around, a dark room that made everything glow with hanging skeletons, lasers and fog, then the laboratory with our mad doctor complete with working saw, then you pass by the crazy clown and the evil witch, and upon exiting you are attacked by the jumping skeleton. It turned out great and everyone loved it. Even the local news put it on the air but we were unable to catch it. so we hope you had a wonderful holiday and enjoy our slide show.